UI design for iOS 5

This iOS 5 Photoshop template makes it easy to mockup retina display iPhone apps.

This file now includes countless changes and additions to align to iOS 5. As usual, we’ve painstakingly recreated everything in Photoshop as fully editable shapes layers (works best with Photoshop CS5).

For anyone designing for the Retina display (640×960) it really is quite a different experience. When you work at 100% everything seems absolutely huge but small details get lost when viewing it on the device. You really need to be mindful of how it looks on the phone since your monitor displays things so differently.

If you want to learn about our workflow you can check out this post.

We try our best to make sure this file is pixel perfect and complete but there are always things we miss or in this case, haven’t had time to implement. We’re always improving it and will update it here as new versions become available.

What you’re downloading:

Full-sized assets

Full-sized retina iPhone

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