PeepSpot social network

An exciting and innovative Phoenix based virtual bar hopping and social networking app that tells you everything you need to know to ensure a great night out! Now you can “peep” “spots” before you arrive and see if it’s the place you’d like to be by seeing who’s there before you go. You even the ability to send them personal messages! Bars can showcase their establishments, specials, and stream live events. Users can see what their “peeps” are up to and share experiences. All in the palm of your hand!


*Live streaming, unrecorded video of featured bars – See what’s going on

*Mapping feature showing proximity to locations – Know where you’re going

*Send messages to your friends – Share experiences and adventures

*Users can upload photos – Personalize your profile by showing “peeps”you’re the coolest

*Check into locations – Let “peeps” know you’re on the scene

*Bar search feature – Search for your favorite “spot” or check out a new “spot”

*Uses Facebook to sign in – Personal information is protected Search for friends – Stay connected and socialize

*“Who’s here” feature – Know who’s there and be seen

*Detailed bar pages – See what’s being served, save money through exclusive specials, and check out their latest events

*Post to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms through Peepspot


available on the iPhone, peepspot app-store

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