Car Fun app

Car Fun is an application for users of all ages. With built in GPS tracking, and a library of animals, monuments, and games, this is a great app to kill time in the car. Documenting your roadtrips has never beem easier. Shoot video, take photos, and share your travels with your facebook friends.

Count how many cows, horses, chickens, and flying seagull dragons you’ve seen on the road. With over 100 animals to choose from, and the ability to add as many new animals as you want, you can keep track of all the little or big critters you come across. Pressing the ‘+’ will increment the counter by 1, and holding down the counter will cause the number to decrease. To record video and take pictures press the multimedia button next to ‘+’.

It’s always fun to keep track of America’s history. From California all the way to New York, we’ve got tons of monuments and landmarks for you to choose from. You can also take pictures, and film of the monuments you see.

Everyone’s played the license plate game, but we’ve given it a little twist. We tell you how far each plate has travelled. You can keep track of what you see, and try to compete with your siblings or friends in the car.

In addition to keeping track of your roadtrip, you can also play some verbal games with your parents, friends, siblings, cousins etc. The application comes with three game suggestions, but we also give you the opportunity to create your own games within the application.



available on the iPhone, awallet



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